Grades 3-5
Grades 6-8

The People Who Inspire Me: Coding Activity

Engage students in a coding activity to create a webpage about three people who inspire them.

Activity Partner
Total time estimate:
30-60 minutes
Activity Objectives
  • Students will learn about gratitude and reflect on people and experiences that have impacted their life in a positive way
  • Then, using a self-guided coding tutorial, students will create a webpage that showcases three people who they are especially grateful for

This activity supports the development of the following social-emotional skill: social awareness.


Using the Build Something Different Education tutorial below, guide students in coding a website about three people who they are especially grateful for. You might ask:

  • What does gratitude mean to you? 
  • Can you think of three people who you are grateful for, or feel inspired by? Why did you pick them?
  • Do you have a favorite story about someone on your list? How did this experience make you feel, and what did you learn from it?
  • Have you ever expressed gratitude for them? If so, what did you do? 

Facilitate a live virtual exchange to invite students to share their websites with your Empatico partner class. Encourage students to share what gratitude means to them, why they chose to highlight particular people, and other ways they practice gratitude in their daily life.

Alternatively, you might challenge them to code their websites together over a live virtual exchange, and participate in a joint coding session!


Guide students through a post-activity reflection by asking the following questions: 

  • Who is your website about? Why are you grateful for them, or feel inspired by them? Are you planning to share your website with them?
  • Did you learn any new skills through this activity?
  • What did you learn about your classmates from the websites they created? Did you learn any ways to be a better friend to them?

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