Grades 3-5
Grades 6-8
Social Studies

My Identity is a Strength: Flipgrid Activity

Use this Flipgrid activity to guide students through a reflection about how they can leverage their identity as an asset as scientists and engineers.

Activity Partner
Total time estimate:
30-60 minutes
Activity Objectives
  • Students will watch videos about computer scientists who leverage their unique identity as a strength in their work and as motivation to develop impactful technology
  • Then, students will reflect on how their own identity - their experiences, goals, values, and skills - can be an asset in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields
  • Finally, students will watch their classmates' videos to gain an appreciation for their unique strengths, and consider the importance of including different perspectives when trying to solve a problem

This activity supports the development of the following
social-emotional skills: self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.


Ask students to respond to the Flipgrid topic below about how their identity - their culture, experiences, values, and interests - is a strength they can use as problem-solvers. To complete this activity, students will first watch videos of other scientists and engineers who draw upon their identity to help them create impactful technology, and then students will reflect on their own unique identity and strengths.

After, prompt students to think about why it is important to include different perspectives when trying to solve a problem. Why is it important to foster diversity in science and technology? What are actions that students can take to make their spaces more welcoming and inclusive of others?


Guide students through a post-activity reflection by asking the following questions: 

  • What did we learn from watching the videos of different computer scientists? How do they leverage their identity as a strength in their work, and as motivation to help others through technology?
  • Were you able to relate to any of these scientists? 
  • Why is it important to foster diversity in science and technology?
  • What action steps can we take to make sure that we are being inclusive and welcoming of others?
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