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I Can (and Did!) Kahoot! Quiz

Play this Kahoot! game with your students to explore how our community can help us get through difficult times.

Activity Partner
Total time estimate:
15-20 minutes
Activity Objectives
  • Students will play a Kahoot! game that guides them through a short meditation, then prompts them to consider how they have navigated different challenges over the past year
  • Then, students will reflect on different ways to practice strength during difficult times, especially by showing care and concern for themselves and others

This activity supports the development of the following social-emotional skills: relationship skills, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness.


Engage students in a conversation about practicing strength and resilience. You might ask: 

  • What are some challenges that you have encountered recently? How did you overcome them?
  • Did you experience any difficult emotions, like feeling sad, upset, or lonely? How did you deal with these emotions? Was there anything that helped you feel stronger?
  • Do you think other people also had similar experiences, or felt the same way as you?
  • How did you stay connected with and support others during these challenges?

Play the Kahoot! game below with your students to learn more about practicing strength during difficult times. The game contains slides which guide students through a short meditation, then discusses different strategies for building a community to get through challenges together. Students will also engage in short role-playing exercises, answer poll questions about themselves, and reflect on what they learned.


Guide students through a post-activity reflection by asking the following questions: 

  • What was a challenge that you experienced over the past year? Did you feel supported by others in your community (e.g., your classmates, family members, loved ones, friends, neighbors, etc.)? Why or why not? 
  • What did you learn from your experiences?
  • What are some different actions that you can take when you are feeling sad, upset, or lonely?
  • What is one way that you want to support others in this upcoming year? What would help you to feel supported by others?
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