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Gratitude Journal: Wakelet Template

Use this journal template to encourage students to express gratitude, share a positive affirmation, and more!

Activity Partner
Total time estimate:
15-20 minutes
Activity Objectives
  • Students will complete a journal entry to express gratitude, set goals for themselves, and share what they are thinking about
  • Then, students will consider how they can support their classmates in achieving their goals and feeling happy

This activity supports the development of the following social-emotional skills: self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management.


Make a copy of the Wakelet template below for your students, and invite them to journal about:

  1. What they are grateful for
  2. What they want to achieve today
  3. What they are thinking about
  4. A positive affirmation for themselves

Consider using this activity as a daily or weekly check-in with students.

Note: To copy this template, tap the 3 dot menu at the top of the collection, and click on 'copy collection’. You'll be able to access your copy in your homepage. Then, click on 'invite' on your copy, and share the link with your students to invite them to contribute to your class collection!


Facilitate a live virtual exchange with your Empatico partner class, and invite students to share their reflections and learn more about each other's experiences and perspectives. For example, they might ask:

  • Can you share about someone (or something) you are grateful for, and why?
  • How do you feel today? What are you thinking about? 
  • What is something that you like about yourself, or that you are proud of?

Guide students through a post-activity reflection by asking the following questions: 

  • Why are you grateful for the things you wrote down? How do you feel when you think about them? 
  • What did you discover about your classmates based on what they shared? What similarities did you notice between your responses?
  • Did their responses help you think of more things that you are grateful for?
  • How can you help your classmates have an awesome day?
  • Read your positive affirmations to yourself and to a classmate. How did this make you feel?

This activity was created in partnership with Wakelet.

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