Grades K-2
Grades 3-5

Compassion Poetry

Invite students to write acrostic poems about different acts of kindness.

Activity Partner
Total time estimate:
15-20 minutes
Activity Objectives
  • Students will write poems about ways to show kindness to others
  • By exchanging their poems with each other, students will learn new ways to treat others with compassion and respect

This activity supports the development of the following
social-emotional skills: social awareness and relationship skills.


Engage students in a discussion about what kindness means to them, and ways they have experienced kindness in the past. Then, ask students to write acrostic poems by thinking of different ways to treat others with compassion, and start with the letters in CARE and COMPASSION. Students can use the handout below, or come up with their own design!

For example, an example poem might be:

Call someone to say “I miss you!”
Ask others how they're feeling...and really listen to them
Respect others' wishes and treat them in a way they would appreciate
Express gratitude for people who inspire you or make a positive difference in your life


Share students’ poetry with your Empatico partner class (e.g., through a live virtual exchange or a tool like Flipgrid, Wakelet, or Padlet), and invite them to read their poems to each other. You might even challenge them to come up with a new poem together, combining everyone's ideas about kindness!


Guide students through a post-activity reflection by asking the following questions: 

  • Did you learn about any new ways to be kind from your classmates’ poetry? 
  • Do kind actions always need to be “big” and require a lot of time and effort? Why or why not? What are some examples of “small” acts of kindness? 
  • What do you think happens to someone when they are shown compassion? How might they feel?
  • How does showing compassion to someone else help us too? How can it make us better friends, classmates and family members?

This activity was created in partnership with the Merrills EDU.

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