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Social Studies

Community Celebrations: Kahoot! Collection

Learn about holidays that are celebrated in different countries by playing Kahoot! games created by other educators!

Activity Partner
Total time estimate:
15-20 minutes
Activity Objectives
  • Students will play Kahoot! games to learn about holidays that are celebrated in other countries
  • By practicing curiosity and critical thinking, students will deepen their understanding of different communities' culture, values, and history

This activity supports the development of the following social-emotional skills: relationship skills, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, and social awareness.


Engage students in a conversation about different holidays that are celebrated in communities around the world. You might ask:

  • Can you name a holiday that is celebrated in another country?
  • What do you know about this holiday (e.g., why it’s celebrated, its special traditions, etc.)?
  • Think about a holiday that you celebrate—do you think it might share anything in common with holidays that are celebrated in other countries? Why or why not?

Choose a Kahoot! game to play with your students from the collection below. Each Kahoot! game was created by another classroom, and features a special holiday that is celebrated in their community, such as Damba Festival (Ghana), Diwali (India), and Coleda (Macedonia).

Consider playing the Kahoot! game with your Empatico partner class by using the Zoom or Microsoft Teams integrations, which allow you to play a game directly within the video conferencing platform.

As students play the game, encourage them to practice curiosity and critical thinking. For example, they might record notes about the holiday, consider what else they want to learn about it, and seek more information by reading books, watching videos, or exploring other online resources.

Afterward, invite students to share what they learned about other holidays in this community Padlet board.


Guide students through a post-activity reflection by asking the following questions:

  • What did you learn about the holiday that was featured in the Kahoot! game? Do you celebrate any similar holidays, or have any similar traditions?
  • What was something interesting or surprising that you learned?
  • Do you have any questions that you want to explore further? Where can you find more information about this?
  • What can we learn about a community’s culture, values, and history from the holidays it celebrates?
  • What do our communities share in common with each other? What are some differences between our communities?
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