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Social Studies

A Conversation about Celebrations

Engage students in a conversation about their favorite holiday, its special traditions, and any memories of celebrating it.

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Total time estimate:
15-20 minutes
Activity Objectives
  • Students will participate in a discussion about their favorite holiday, its meaning or significance, its traditions, and special memories they have of celebrating it
  • Students will learn about the different holidays and festivals celebrated by their peers, and practice curiosity and kindness about others’ culture and experiences

This activity supports the development of the following social-emotional skills: relationship skills, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, and social awareness.


Engage students in a conversation about their favorite holidays. You might ask:

  • What is your favorite holiday or festival? Why is it meaningful or important to you?

  • Do you know its history or origin? Who celebrates it and why?
  • Are there any special traditions associated with this holiday around music, food, games, ceremonies, or decorations?
  • Can you share about a time when you felt especially happy or excited when celebrating this holiday? 
  • How do you celebrate this holiday with your family, school, or community? How does it help you feel closer to others?

As students share their thoughts and ideas, add them to the community Padlet board below! Encourage students to practice curiosity and kindness during your conversation, and to seek to learn more about their classmates’ culture and experiences by listening carefully and asking questions.

Following this conversation, explore some of the other holidays that are described in the community Padlet board, and help students identify ones they want to learn more about.

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